Tomo for Tourism

Drive more, measurable tourism

Tomo for Tourism lets DMOs and their members manage, share, and measure all their tourism listings.

Manage your place listings effortlessly

Tools for keeping online listings accurate and looking sharp

You’ll have a branded website you can grant access to for all your member businesses for listings management.

Data formatted consistently, completely, and automatically

Tomo’s AI technology helps you match your listings with ones Tomo already knows about. Match, combine duplicates, and clean up data easily.

Automatic listing validation and suggestions

Tomo uses machine learning to keep an eye on key social sites and apps to prompt members about confirming changes or fixing discrepancies.

Share your listings easily

Updates available to our network of partners

A change to a listing on Tomo is made available to linked listings across Tomo’s network of key travel maps, apps, sites, and devices.

Your own private places API to use and share

Tomo provides DMOs with a special, private feed they can share with maps, apps, and other travel media.

Get eyeballs on your listings from key travel sites

Tomo for Tourism is built for distribution. It helps power the place search and discovery for our growing list of consumer travel partners.

Measure your audience and your impact

Understand online behavior

Tomo gives you new metrics and new sources of data for learning how customers interact with listings online.

Get audience demographics

Take a look at breakdowns of the traits and characteristics of your audience.

Measure your direct impact

Tomo combines traveler interactions online with consumption patterns offline to give you a clearer picture of your impact on tourism in your region.

The complete suite of tools for online place listings

All your listings. All in one place.

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